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Student Ambassadors Take Action: Raising climate change awareness through cleanups

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 Kenyatta University Green Education Hub (KUGEH), organized a Green Week between 5th and 7th March, 2024. The theme of the Green Week was “youth in action for climate resilience.”. Activities undertaken during Week included advocating for climate resilience through circular economy principles and eco-innovation, as well as promoting sustainable practices within the university and the surrounding community.

The Green Education Student Ambassadors underscored the indispensable place of university students in advocating for and embracing sustainable practices. They showcased several successful youth-led initiatives, from impactful sustainable fashion campaigns and innovative zero-waste projects to community gardening endeavors and advocacy for renewable energy solutions.

The week was crowned with a clean up at the university local community market – Kenyatta Market. The event served as a collaborative effort, bringing together students from not only Kenyatta University but also representatives from other universities, including the University of Nairobi, Egerton University, African Nazarene University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, United States International University-Africa, Mount Kenya University, and Technical University of Kenya. Together, they worked on creating awareness about climate change by collecting plastic litter, a significant contributor to environmental pollution. This collaborative endeavor between Kenyatta University and its partner institutions shows that students, when provided with platforms like the KUGEH, can take environmental responsibility.

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