Welcome to our Kenyatta University Green Education Hub!

About us



To become a leading centre of excellence in green education and sustainable development in higher education.


To support universities’ action on climate change and contribute to theory and understanding of higher education and sustainable development.

About Kenyatta University Green Education Hub

Kenyatta University Green Education Hub, launched on 11th May 2022, is set to contribute to efforts in transforming universities for a changing climate. The hub is involved in research, co-creation and dissemination of teaching and learning materials on climate change, environmental sustainability and green education. Materials and content co-created with the students and other stakeholders include audio-visuals, creative arts, documentaries and dioramas. The hub, through students ambassadors, also participates in university-community engagement activities like training members of society on sustainable lifestyles to combat climate change. A significant activity of the Hub the marking of a Green Day every last Friday of the month to raise awareness on climate change. Over 200 students from from all disciplines have signed up as ambassadors spearheading the awareness campaigns during the Greed Education Days through engagement in  activities like sports, art, and guest lectures among others.

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